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Professor Bogglesworth's Illusionarium

Prepare to be boggled!

Professor Bogglesworth has discovered a way to travel the infinite universes that make up the 'multiverse'. He runs tours there from the Illusionarium.

The multiverse is a place of infinite dimensions and possibilities. there are mind-boggling conundrums everywhere so the Professor has a guide to help him. Reboot is an android who knows the codes through the portals and he helps protect visitors from cosmic warps and quantum collapses.

Unfortunately there are Scrigglers in the multiverse. They're pesky critters that jump through the portals and Reboot can't help chasing them which drives Professor Bogglesworth crazy.

Travelling the multiverse with Professor Bogglesworth is a great adventure through space and time. When you make it through the Impossible Worlds back to this dimension, remember the code back into the multiverse so you can tell Reboot if you see him around Aussie World!

Professor Bogglesworth's Illusionarium is included in the normal admission price and is open daily.

  • adventure
  • walk through
  • all ages
  • interactive fun

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