Terms and Conditions

Conditions of entry

  • Aussie World is a smoke free environment
  • All children 0-14 years must be accompanied by someone older who can act in a supervisory capacity.
  • Admission price includes all attractions, rides and shows except food, merchandise, photo sessions, Side Show Alley and coin operated games.
  • No food, drink, eskies or animals may be brought onto the premises. Water is allowed.
  • Skateboards, scooters, bicycles, roller blades or other equipment that may interfere with pedestrian traffic are not permitted.
  • For the comfort of other guests you may not ride if you are wet. Please follow the advice of Aussie World staff in this matter.
  • Published times of shows, attractions or events may vary.
  • The operation of some shows, attractions or events may be affected by adverse weather conditions or maintenance activity.
  • Aussie World reserves the right to refuse entry or remove guests from the park for stealing, vandalism, offensive behaviour, queue line jumping, failure to properly supervise persons under your care, failure to follow safety instructions, failure to follow instructions given by staff or management or failure to comply with these conditions of entry.
  • Aggressive behaviour or behaviour not conducive to maintaining a harmonious family environment will not be tolerated. Intoxicated guests not permitted.
  • Aussie World reserves the right to inspect your bags at any time.
  • No refunds will be issued.
  • Design and systems of Aussie World are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. You must not infringe those rights.
  • Any videos, photographs or sound recordings taken by you must be for personal use only. Any use, reuse or production for commercial purposes without our express written consent is strictly prohibited.
  • Your image may be taken at any time for sales or security purposes.
  • We may use any photographs or video that we take of you for our commercial purposes without payment to you.

Height and health advice

  • For your fun, safety and comfort there are height and age restrictions on some rides and attractions. Please refer to the park map and displayed signage for specific details.
  • Riders / guests must be in good health and free from any potentially adverse medical conditions. You should seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner if uncertain. For example expectant mothers should seek medical advice before making a decision to ride.
  • Further specific restrictions may be displayed throughout the park, for your own safety you must obey these.
  • Shirts and footwear must be worn upon entry and at all times within the park. We specifically recommend that suitable enclosed footwear be worn.

Aussie World rider restrictions

Aussie World recommends you do not ride if you have any of the following conditions:
  • Epilepsy
  • High blood pressure
  • Previous back or neck injuries
  • Heart conditions/trouble
  • Pregnancy
  • Broken bones or similar ailments
  • Recent surgery or illness
  • Fear of heights
  • Nervous disorders
  • Motion sickness
  • Pacemakers
Aussie World reserves the right to advise and enforce the following, not limited to, rider/park rules:
  • No guests affected by drugs or alcohol will be permitted to ride
  • No food or drinks on rides
  • No smoking on rides or inside the park except in designated areas
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn
  • No loose articles or loose clothing are permitted on rides
  • No running on or near rides or within the park
  • Groups may be separated to balance rides
  • Only riders are permitted inside ride enclosures
  • Do not loosen or remove safety restraints
  • Keep wholly within the ride and hold on
  • Ride in an upright seated position facing forward
  • Do not move about during rides, excessive movement will cause the ride to be stopped
  • Signal the operator (single arm raised) if you require the ride to be stopped
  • Horseplay and discourteous behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Remain seated until the ride is completely stopped
  • Parents must supervise children at all times
  • Children riding unassisted must be able to display upper body strength (must be able to hold on) and be able to comprehend simple instructions
  • Guests must follow all instructions provided by operators, signage and by announcement
  • Cars must travel in one direction*
  • No bumping or excessive bumping*
  • No rocking or swinging*
  • No dropping or throwing objects from rides or throughout park
*Applies to some specific rides, devices, attractions, games or the interaction involved with other specific modes of park related activity.

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