When Tripod started doing their thang back in, like, 1874, there wasn’t much of a cabaret comedy scene in Australia. Music comedians in general wouldn’t know an E flat major if it sat up in their porridge. Then Tripod penny-farthinged along and changed all that with their pig-headed insistence on being an awesome music show as well as a complete idiot patrol.

Don’t believe me slash us? Go see them at the Sunshine Coast Comedy Festival. We're tellin’ ya, it's a complete rush seeing this combo of gorgeous harmonies, musical vision and complete spannerhead-ism. You will come away elated. No bull. Tripod: the band that made it okay to sing funny songs un-badly.

Three-part harmony, guitars and piano arranged with extraordinary complexity - make the backbone of a live Tripod concert; a loosely choreographed, expertly timed comedy show.

Over twenty years of playing onstage together have galvanised the lads into a world-class comedy showbiz juggernaut with whip-smart writing and musical chops to match.

This is a 15+ event.
Doors Open at 6pm, performance begins at 7:30pm.

From 6:00pm Saturday 12th February
The Shed

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